The Transfiguration of the Gardener Irene by the Dead Planet Hipea

    A sentient fungus has BIG feelings while eating their gardener, on a cruise ship in space.

    The Little Free Guide to Dronewatching, Abridged & Annotated

    An epistolary story written in the margins of a bootleg guide to watching delivery drones freed by a mysterious virus.

    Ten Lies From a Silenced Monster

    A deposed Napoleon-esque villain attempts to correct the record of her rise and fall. Mechs made of wood, wire, and hate. False prophesies. Poisoned swamps and blood-worms.

    Infinite Clay Tablet Memories Sung into the Flesh of the World

    A story told out of order, on clay tablet fragments, by a protagonist who exists outside of space and time. A demon is summoned for babysitting duties, which leads to an apocalyptic transition into the desert of the real.

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Dead Woman Beneath Sang-D’Heloise Subway Station

    A story that makes that case that all trans people deserve to receive affirming healthcare from a corpse hidden beneath a subway station.

    20,000 Last Meals on an Exploding Station

    If I was stuck in a time-loop, I wouldn’t bother trying to self-actualize or process my trauma or whatever else was needed to end the loop. I’d be eating at every single restaurant in the city.

    Cyber-mermaids, time-loops, and restaurant reviews. All on a space station that won’t stop exploding.

    Across the River, My Heart, My Memory

    A sentient artificial-pancreas gets revenge.

    Five Tips for Sealing Away an Ancient Evil

    Book and Hammer, Blade and Bone

    • Silk & Steel: A Queer Speculative Adventure Anthology - November 2020

    The Coffin Maker

    Interactive fiction. The world is dying, and you are the coffin-maker.

    • Sub-Q Magazine - February 2020
    • Winner of the Reader’s Choice Award