Maladaptive Camouflage

    A queer doppelgänger story about the horror of coming out, why passing kinda sucks, and lots and lots and lots of worms.

    The Transfiguration of the Gardener Irene by the Dead Planet Hipea

    A sentient fungus has BIG feelings while eating their gardener, on a cruise ship in space.

    The Little Free Guide to Dronewatching, Abridged & Annotated

    An epistolary story written in the margins of a bootleg guide to watching delivery drones freed by a mysterious virus.

    Ten Lies From a Silenced Monster

    A deposed Napoleon-esque villain attempts to correct the record of her rise and fall. Mechs made of wood, wire, and hate. False prophesies. Poisoned swamps and blood-worms.

    Infinite Clay Tablet Memories Sung into the Flesh of the World

    A story told out of order, on clay tablet fragments, by a protagonist who exists outside of space and time. A demon is summoned for babysitting duties, which leads to an apocalyptic transition into the desert of the real.

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Dead Woman Beneath Sang-D’Heloise Subway Station

    A story that makes that case that all trans people deserve to receive affirming healthcare from a corpse hidden beneath a subway station.

    20,000 Last Meals on an Exploding Station

    If I was stuck in a time-loop, I wouldn’t bother trying to self-actualize or process my trauma or whatever else was needed to end the loop. I’d be eating at every single restaurant in the city.

    Cyber-mermaids, time-loops, and restaurant reviews. All on a space station that won’t stop exploding.

    Across the River, My Heart, My Memory

    A sentient artificial-pancreas gets revenge.

    Five Tips for Sealing Away an Ancient Evil

    Book and Hammer, Blade and Bone

    • Silk & Steel: A Queer Speculative Adventure Anthology - November 2020

    The Coffin Maker

    Interactive fiction. The world is dying, and you are the coffin-maker.

    • Sub-Q Magazine - February 2020
    • Winner of the Reader’s Choice Award